Monday, July 1, 2013

Spring Student Concert in Hamden, CT-May 5, 2013 / Family Music Center, did it again!

     Family Music Center students performed in front of a live audience. Interpreters fascinated the audience with their talents during the Spring concert. They performed at "The Spaceland Ballroom" on May 5th, 2013, Hamden, CT. More than 30 students performed on this day. The entire show lasted three hours. 

     There was a great environment at “The Spaceland Ballroom”. It was a nice way for parents and friends to get out and to get together with other people in the community and enjoy the concert.

     Mia Hall was a passionate vocalist and energetic performer. Mia received the biggest ovation from the audience. The most amazing moment of Mia's performance was hearing her interpretation of "Titanium" by David Guetta. We found great talent among all the performers. Here are the names of all performers: Calvin Sunandar, piano; Erica Jones, piano; Etsri Koudayah, piano; Nikki Acevedo, piano; Michael Flynn, piano; Ezakiel Daye, saxophone; Nina Allison, guitar; Ron Hurt, bass guitar; Jacob Ward, guitar, keyboard and vocals; Rob Mitchell, drums; Denasia Dubose, bass guitar; Jocelyn Dryfoos, piano; Aviva Yussman, violin; Gefen Yussman, alto saxophone; Celine Boonto, violin; Tanisha Gupta, violin; Lara Akbas, violin; Alissa Jones, violin; Ray Cue, violin; A.J.Copeland, guitar; Ehsan Sumra, guitar; Tyler Karge, guitar; Trent Liseo, drums; Mia Hall, guitar and vocals; Vincent Dominguez, guitar; Kyle Mercado, guitar; Calvin Weingart, bass guitar; Zack Matto, guitar and trumpet; Matt Suraci, soprano, alto, tenor saxophone; and Zack Weingart, drums, tenor saxophone and guitar.

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